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Vimata Resources

Vimata Resources are now available for purchase and download.

We have turned our workshops into electronically downloadable files.

Each workshop comes with the following:


1. Video Footage from the Day 1 and Day 2 Workshops.

2. A zip file of the music from the workshop.

3. A PDF of the notes distributed at the workshop.

All these are accessed via a link send to your email and downloaded in the form of a ZIP FILE.

Contact us for more details.

Currently Resources that are available for purchase are:

Resource packages are available at $120 per pack. Contact us for more details.

1st Vimata Workshop 2012 includes:

North Aegean Islands - Vasily Mouzakitis

General Macedonian Dances - Vasilios Aligiannis

Dances of Konitsa - Rita Aligiannis

Dances of Kythera - Matina Livanos

Dances of Crete - Vasily Mouzakitis

Dances of Messinia - Vasilios Aligiannis

Dances of the Sarakatsani - Doreena Kourtesis

Dances of Asia Minor - Vasilios Aligiannis

Dances of Pontus - Peter Kouvelis

Rhythms of Asia Minor - Kyriaki and Dimitris Koumbaroulis

2nd Vimata Workshop 2013 includes:

Dances of Crete with Giannis Megalakakis

Dances of Ionian Islands- Vasilios Aligiannis

Dances of Chios - Vasilios Aligiannis

Dances of Ikaria - Rita Aligiannis

Dances of Lemnos - Nina Stamatopoulou

3rd Vimata Workshop 2016

Dances of Drama Macedonia - Katerina Asteriou-Kavazi

Songs of Drama Macedonia - Amalia Papadopoulou-Symionidou

Dances of Western Macedonia - Vasilios Aligiannis

Dances of Florina - George Kiriakidis

Dances of Kozani - George Kiriakidis

4th Vimata Workshop 2017

Dances of Pontus - Kyriakos Moisidis

5th Vimata Workshop 2018

Dances of Ionian Islands - Gerasimos Logothetis


Other resources for sale

The Cycle of Life Production - A three hour production and performance celebrating 20 years of the Greek Folk Dancers of NSW - based on various traditions from Greece in 2012.

Sand and Water - A  two hour production and performance celebrating song and dance. By the Pan-Macedonian Lyceum Hellenic Dancers of NSW in 2014.

Each of the productions is available for $50.

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