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Greek Folk Dress

Rental Hire and Made to Measure

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Peter Kouvelis

Step into the vibrant world of Greek folk dress with Peter Kouvelis, a visionary craftsman with over 20 years of dedicated research and expertise in the realm of Greek costumes. With a passion that runs deep, Peter not only hires out authentic costumes to groups and individuals but also meticulously handcrafts unique replicas that capture the essence of tradition.
As a valued member of our team at the Institute of Hellenic Dance and Culture, Peter brings his unparalleled knowledge and enthusiasm to the forefront.
Collaborating closely with our community, he shares his wealth of insights through engaging lectures, captivating exhibitions, and immersive experiences centered around Greek dance costumes and folk art.
Peter has acquired the age-old technique of crafting items on a loom from the elder women residing in villages across Laconia, Greece. Additionally, he has honed his skills under the guidance of diverse costume makers throughout Greece. His craft remains true to the traditional methods passed down through generations, ensuring authenticity in his creations.
Join us in celebrating Peter Kouvelis's dedication to preserving and promoting the rich heritage of Greek culture through the artistry of costume design. Together, with the Institute of Hellenic Dance and Culture, we embark on a journey that honors the past while inspiring the future of Hellenic traditions.


Peter can be contacted via email on


0413 023 566

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