Class, Venues, Lesson Timetable, Costing

Term 1 Registrations and Classes 2021


Classes Kick off dates & Registrations:

Thursday 4th Feb Feb, 2021 @ Beverly Hills

Saturday 6th Feb @ Beverly Hills (Juniors).


Please check back on a regular bases for updates on venues, costing and timetabled sessions.


You need to register which is a once off annual payment. (New registrations $50, Renewal registrations $25)



New Registration Packs Include: a rehearsal T-shirt, water-bottle, insurance, registration, costume hire in performances and a small backpack (these items are still available for purchase thru 2021)


Thursday Night & Saturday Day Classes @ Beverly Hills Girls High School.

Enter via Melvin St (off Broadarrow Rd, back school gates)

We are a registered creative kids provider

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For venue details see maps below.

Energia Dance Class
N/A 2021 Term 1


9:00pm -10:00pm

Brewongle Theatre @ Beverly Hills Girls High School


Adult Social/Intermediate Greek Dance Classes


7:00pm - 8:00pm

Adult Advanced Greek Dance Classes

8:00pm - 9:00pm

Brewongle Theatre @ Beverly Hills Girls High School

Lessons go for 45 min plus warm up /cool down session


This class is a new high energy traditonal Greek dance class. Dances will be upbeat to get the heart racing. Lesson will not follow a traditonal structure. Dancers will do warm up stretches, high energy Greek dances, cool down session. Mix of traditional and modern Greek dances.


Lessons taught by accredited teachers from the Institute. Vas Aligiannis has a Masters in Teaching Drama/Dance Arts.


Lessons for ENERGIA group do not run during Orthodox Easter Holy Week and School Holidays.




Social Intermediate classes


Lessons run for 1 hour.


This class is a more serious focused class with a more structured lesson and with a strong focus on various regions.


Dancers will learn a variety of dances, styling and improvisations based on the dances learnt.


Dancers in this class will also learn some of the performance routines.


Dancers will be invited to perform at different stages of the year (Optional).


Lessons taught by accredited teachers from the Explore Greek Dance and Culture Course.


Lessons for Intermediate group do not run during Orthodox Easter Holy Week and School Holidays.


Advanced Classses


Lesson run for 1 hour.


Advanced group only.

Expectation is that you will be performing at various stages throughout the year.


Dancers will be required to keep a log book and diary. Notes on dances and videos will be shared and discussed.


This class is for those who are more experienced and wish to study Greek Dancing further than just being social. Dancers will be expected to participate also in workshops on styling and improvisation, including Vimata Workshops.


Lessons taught by accredited teachers from the Explore Greek Dance and Culture Course.


Classes do not run during Orthodox Easter Holy Week.

Junior Classes
3 years to 15 years
Brewongle Theatre Space
@ Beverly Hills Girls High School
Date of commencement: 6nd February 2021

Classes run during each School Term NSW

SATURDAY 11:30am to 12:30pm

12:30pm to 1:30pm (if required for second lesson)

Dancers will be exposed to several regional dances, music and song. Students will follow the Institutes Junior Dance Syllabus - Avaiable to parents on request.


Young Adults Class

15 years to 25 years

Available if interest is engaged early Term 1

Yound adults class focusses on the more energetic traditional dances of Greece. Dancers will be challenged with some amazing folk dances from all regions.


Classes are taught at performance levels. Dancers will be assessed at the end of every semester.


Monthly Workshops

16 years to Adults

Workshop runs for 2 hours.


Workshops will run on a wednesday night once a month. Last Wednesdays of every second month. (Please confirm dates)


Workshops for 2019 include:


Zebekiko Workshop

Hasapiko Workshop

Improvisation in Greek Dance

Men's styling in Greek Dance

Women's styling in Greek Dance

Leading Greek Dances - Kalamatianos and Tsamikos

Workshop will be held at Koutouki Restaurant in Leichhardt.