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Private Tuition


If you’re looking for a more personal approach, have specific dance goals that you would like to achieve, or you simply aren’t comfortable learning to dance in a group setting, then our private Greek dance lessons are the perfect choice for you.


Our Instructors offer competative rates that suit anyone wishing to learn Greek dancing.


Whether you’re planning a flash mob Syrtaki dance, a unique wedding Greek dance that includes your entire bridal party, wanting to learn the best zeibekiko moves or you’d just like a fun Greek night out with your girlfriends or partner, our private classes are a great way to get the benefits of a professional instructor. Our creative instructors can choreograph something completely new, or you can stick to the Greek dance classics – it’s completely up to you. Both male and female instructors are available.


We've got it covered!

Email us for a quote or call us on 0407 081 875.

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