Greek Dancing for Kids

Currently running classes on Saturday mornings.

Classes run out of our Beverly Hills venue

Brewongle Theatre Space

Saturday mornings at 11:30am to 12:30pm 3 - 8 years old

Another class is planned to run on Thursday evenings for 15+

"Friends that Greek dance together, stay together"

Our instructors are qualified to teach (BA, MTeach Sydney Uni) and have Working with Children Clearance (request a copy of certificate in class).

We teach from a syllabus and ensure that kids experience the best of the basics in Greek Dance.

Building an appreciation of Greek Dance - join us!

We are a creative kids registered provider

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Teaching the next generation and instilling a future of life long loving and appreciation of Greek Dance.

We understand that the 21st Century is full of challenges for young people. We are challenged by many preoccupations but the best gift you can give a young child is dance!


We try our best using the best methods of teaching to help them learn on this journey of Greek Dance Exploration!

Build confidence, build skills, build responsibility, build charisma, working with others, getting to know others, making life long friendships - all part of being in the 21st Century.