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The Institute of Hellenic Dance & Culture encompasses several organisations under its banner.


The Greek Folk Dancers of NSW (founding name of group), Vimata Greek Dance Workshops, Explore Greek Dance & Culture Courses, Institute of Hellenic Dance & Culture Choir Group, are all supported by the Institute of Hellenic Dance & Culture. We also guide organisation such as the incorporated organisation of the Pan-Macedonian Hellenic Lyceum Dancers of NSW, which we have been an active member since 1991.


Principles of Operation

To equally care for the study, the preservation and the dissemination of traditional Greek culture in Sydney, Australia.




  • To increase and promote our dancers’ awareness about traditional Greek culture.

  • To upgrade the awareness of Greek folk culture within Sydney and NSW through our performances, lectures, presentations and exhibitions.

  • To involve all members of the community, through associations and brotherhoods, to promote Greek traditional dance and culture.

  • To maintain links to websites and information on Greek culture, history and dance.

  • To maintain and add to our traditional Greek costumes collection.





  • We believe in the preservation of dances, music and costumes in their traditional form.

  • We believe that the teaching and stage presentation of dances must be based on ethnographic research of the areas or villages presented.


Director / Instructor

Principal of Institute


Vas shares over 30 years of teaching experience in Greek Dance. He holds a Masters of Teaching degree and has personal experience and research in Greek Folk Dance and Culture.

Vas has a (WWC) working with childrens clearance, including First Aid, Anaphylaxis training and other mandatory training as a teacher. 

Vas is also accredited to teach Greek dance accreditation, through the Explore Greek Dance Course and Associate Teacher Courses.

Nick Nouragas

Associate Dance Teacher / Instructor


Nick joined our teaching team in 2022 and is currently completing his Associate Teacher program. Nick holds a Master of Teaching Degree in Modern Greek and History.

Nick has been dancing in groups for over the past 20 years and has been with the Institute for over 15 years. 

Nick will be running our Central Coast classes. 

Nick is a High School teacher with expericence and has a (WWC) working with children clearance. He also has First Aid and Anaphylaxis training. 

Kostas Toulatos

Lead Dance Instructor / Greece


Kostas joined our teaching team in 2023 and is our Lead dance Instructor from Greece.

Kostas has been instructing groups for over 34 years and has researched and documented dances of Kefallonia. 

Kostas founded our IGEHOROS Sydney - GREECE Connection in 2023 and we will be working closely with Kostas, who is a CID member to teach, research, support our Institute in joint projects across Greece - Australia.

Kostas will be skype'ing into lessons and will artistically direct our group in performances and concerts. We will also be coordinating workshops and research projects.

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