The Institute of Hellenic Dance & Culture encompasses several organisations under its banner.


The Greek Folk Dancers of NSW, Vimata Greek Dance Workshops, Explore Greek Dance & Culture Courses, Greek Folk Dancers of NSW Choir Group, are all supported by the Institute of Hellenic Dance & Culture. We also teach and guide the incorporated organisation of the Pan-Macedonian Hellenic Lyceum Dancers of NSW, which we have been an active member since 1991.


Principles of Operation

To equally care for the study, the preservation and the dissemination of traditional Greek culture in Sydney, Australia.




  • To increase and promote our dancers’ awareness about traditional Greek culture.

  • To upgrade the awareness of Greek folk culture within Sydney and NSW through our performances, lectures, presentations and exhibitions.

  • To involve all members of the community, through associations and brotherhoods, to promote Greek traditional dance and culture.

  • To maintain links to websites and information on Greek culture, history and dance.

  • To maintain and add to our traditional Greek costumes collection.





  • We believe in the preservation of dances, music and costumes in their traditional form.

  • We believe that the teaching and stage presentation of dances must be based on ethnographic research of the areas or villages presented.

Vasilios Aligiannis

Director / Instructor

Principal of Institute


Vas shares over 29 years of teaching experience in Greek Dance. He holds a Masters of Teaching degree and has personal experience and research in Greek Folk Dance and Culture.

Rita Aligiannis

Euphor of Folk Costumes / Dance Instructor


Rita instructs our classes and teaches women's dances. She also is Euphor of our folk  costume collection with over 600 costumes.