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ENERGIA Dance Classes

Our ENERGIA Dance Classes will get your blood pumping to some fast traditional tunes.


The class is not focused on the history of the dance or stylisation of region - its about dancing to the beat - getting the heart pumping. 


It is about warm up stretches, dance sessions to make you sweat and cool down sessions - Energia is part of our Keeping Fit Program.


Focused on staying fit and healthy the Greek way!


Our classes run for 10 weeks a block. Dancers need to bring a towel, plenty of water, comfortable dance wear or clothing and bring OREXI for dance. See our Venues and Classes page for more info on costs, registration etc.


We have designed a program of dances that are high energy and yet still traditional... no need to make up dances we have over 300 to choose from!!

Energia classes only run on request of 5 or more participants.


Looking forward to sharing a dance with you.

Vas Aligiannis



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