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The Institute and Dance Groups

The Institute of Hellenic Dance & Culture has two main dance groups registered under its banner.

The Greek Folk Dancers of NSW 'Ο ΘΡΑΣΥΒΟΥΛΟΣ' has been registered for the last 29 years with the Institute.

Check out each of the pages below and find out more about what each group offers.


The Institute also offers lectures, exhibitions and courses with a focus on Greek Dance, Greek Culture, Greek Costume and Greek Traditions.

Since 2000, we also have been teaching the Pan-Macedonian Lyceum Hellenic Dancers of NSW Inc.


Click on our page to find out about our Dance School classes and services,  we run and offer.

Institute of HD&C

The Institute offers Vimata Greek Dance Workshops, Choir Group and Courses/Lectures on Greek Dance, Music, Traditions and Costume.

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