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The dance,
of all the arts, is the one that most influences the soul.

The Greek Folk Dancers of NSW, established in 1992 by Vasilios Aligiannis, initially offered Greek dance lessons and exhibitions. In 2020, the group underwent a revitalisation and rebranding, becoming known as the Institute of Hellenic Dance and Culture, formerly known as The Greek Folk Dancers of NSW, or "O Thrasivoulos". 

The Institute of Hellenic Dance & Culture is based in Sydney and runs several projects annually including Vimata Greek Folk Dance Workshops, Explore Greek Dance Courses, Teacher Accreditation Courses in Greek Dance and a Choir group. Our Classes cater for all ages and tastes in Greek Dance.

Our teachers are accredited and have working with children clearances. 

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The Greek Dance Association Sydney, was established in 2023 by a group of dancers and friends to celebrate, promote, disseminate and preserve our Hellenic Cultural Heritage.

IGEHOROS was established in Greece under the Mr Kostas Toulatos and Vasilios Aligiannis.


This Association between Greek and Sydney is significant, this unique group will plan to organise cultural events, workshops and lectures. Celebrating our Australian Greek Identity and sharing it with the wider Australian Community and Greece.  Interested in finding out more about our events - just drop us a line.

Contact us at any time for more information on any of our services. Please leave a valid email or phone number, so we can contact you.

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As part of our KEEP FIT Program,  we are offering high energy traditional dance classes. 'ENERGIA' Dance Classes.

With a focus on stetching, warm up and cool down sessions. This high energy dance class will get your blood pumping and keep you fit!!!


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